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All is Silent by tornrealitystudios All is Silent :icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 1 0 The Beginning by tornrealitystudios The Beginning :icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 3 0
My body gropes blindly
The release so close
You pull back my head
And my joyful scream echoes off the red silk
Hands reach up in tangled gestures
Sweat bleeds down flesh
So hot and wet
Waited so long
Felt like forever denied
The taste of love on my tongue.
:icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 1 0
The Princess Emerges by tornrealitystudios The Princess Emerges :icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 2 1 I See You... by tornrealitystudios I See You... :icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 2 2 Absolute Irony- Ventex by tornrealitystudios Absolute Irony- Ventex :icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 1 0 Songs of Mild Peace- Laura by tornrealitystudios Songs of Mild Peace- Laura :icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 1 0 Lost and Waiting by tornrealitystudios Lost and Waiting :icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 1 0 A Tear in the Waves by tornrealitystudios A Tear in the Waves :icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 1 2
Absolute Irony
Tell me I can do this
That it will all get easier
Lie and say the worse is over
The sun will rise to greet the day
And all will be at peace
I can turn away from the rumble and debris
I can forgot the blood and the tears
I can suppress the screams of revulsion forever
I can if you command it so
My will is your play thing, I am your puppet
Please have me obey your orders
Do not cut my strings
Do not release me from this sentence
Do not allow my freedom
Not now, not ever
I do not want to feel this
Take me and make me paralyzed
Take my grief and leave me an empty shell of disarrayed emotions...
:icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 2 0
Countless Reasons for Sorry
So many emotions overrun my heart
I feel so light as if the slightest breeze shall steal me away.
But then when I have no comfort, my armor is gone I feel so cold, as if my skin turns steel.
I began to sink slowly to the abyss
But luckily I'm learning to swim as steel.
These castings of dark storms have left me feeling so insignificant.
I feel helpless alone, lost like the fates have forgotten me for a time.
Everyone else moves forward on their time lines of everyday ends.
I stay still as if my wheel is caught in neutral.
I love you so much my sweet darling, please never leave.
My pale moon flashes red for a moment, a reminder my thoughts are wrong again.
I hold on to my falling stars to keep the warmth for my self
I am not trying to be selfish my love; I am so sorry, please forgive me.
I only need the touch of your flesh to reassure me
I love you more than my existence in this world but then you are my only reason to exist.
:icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 1 0
Plea for Regrets
The needles stick inside my eyes
I've forgotten the way the world works
Please, help me remember, oh sweet darkness.
The empty void within my mind,
My humble mistress of misery and despair,
I've held my head to lessen the pain.
But, only the songs of the damned seem to have any effect.
Slivers of light that torment me so, life's little whispers slithering into my cracks,
Raping my impurity!!
Bastards, they come in the daylight, caressing my faults.
Trying to grasp what makes me cry.
All I can do is smile and pray my void will fill with insanity soon.
:icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 2 0
Slipping Through the Seams
Glass shards tear deep below the surface
They ripple inside my flesh
Pieces fall as I reach to embrace
Clasp them together again
I'm trying to hold myself to no use.
Before I would have allowed the crumbling of this solitude
Once the jumbled chaos was my peace
Does is speak of my growth when I wish for order?
Can one fall so far from grace; they actually find repentance and level ground?
Be it so, I feel safe here, even through the dissolution
It lets me know I am still living
:icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 0 0
Innocence by tornrealitystudios Innocence :icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 0 0 A Change in Perception by tornrealitystudios A Change in Perception :icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 1 0 Songs of Mild Peace by tornrealitystudios Songs of Mild Peace :icontornrealitystudios:tornrealitystudios 0 2



Sheri Nicole Karstok
United States
I am twenty-three, human-like, and really don't know what I am doing most of the time.
I love writing and only just recently got into photography. I was getting tired of having to ask other people to draw pictures for my books. I can draw odd shaped stick people and that's about it. I decided to get a nifty camera and do my own pictures for my writing.
So please humor my attempts, I'm learning. I do have two poetry books published on Anthology of Lost Memoirs is dark and some have found it disrubing, I thought that was my point. Harbingers of Innocence gives a bit of a variety of emotions with four distinct themes. Life, death, love/sex, and insanity. I mainly write when very strong emotions are simmering on my tongue, and have used my writing as therapy.Check them out they're peachy!
I started Torn Reality Studios a couple years back to bring together creators of all genres to collaborate, exchange advise, and to sell their products, on our website.
I'm always open to comments, advise, and suggestions.

Current Residence: Derry, Nh
Favourite style of art: Whatever strikes me
Favourite cartoon character: Gir -Invader Zim
Personal Quote: I may be of this world, but I am not of its people.
So, my son is three weeks old, and I could not be happier to have him in my life. Hell, I couldn't be happier! To celebrate him not only am I taking massive amounts of pictures but I will be starting a children's book. This will be a real challenge for me, I've tried to start one in the past but always gave up on it. Not this time. I will be patient and calm, I feel the time is right to mediate on the subject. I know it will take me some time, which is fine. I just promise myself I will not abandon it again.
Ideas and thoughts would be most helpful!!! Thanks
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  • Playing: with thoughts of the future
  • Drinking: water, yum


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